Apos is a 26yo gambler and old friend/rival of Takazo. He lives in what seems to be the richest part of the city, but it's hard to tell with his looks. Living to gamble, he'd do anything, even go up against Death just to win a large jackpot to spend on stuff for his home. He obtains the power of the star sign, Pisces, from Siran when Kozuro and Takazo need help defeating the last corrupt artifact. He tries to get the two of them closer to each other by flirting around both of them, trying to make them show their feelings for one another (which at first, makes things worse). He doesn't get along well with Hase, always calling him a kid for being the youngest in the group.


  • Short blond hair with wavy spikes at the front and a stubble.
  • He has a purple V tattoo on the right side of his face, resembling the roman number for five.
  • His eyes are icy blue.
  • His clothes are usually vests closed near the top that show his abs and shorts, though he may wear tight clothing when dressing formal or trying to flirt.


  • He cheated Death in a game of poker on one set of two short 4-panel comics by betting a perfume called "My Life".
  • He used to get Takazo into trouble when they were classmates.
  • He competed against him in the schools swimming finals and lost.