This article contains details about an OC that belongs to a friend. I only styled him based on his in-game appearance and as such, any details in this entry are not of my own.

Bossanova is a giant from the town of Physis in the MMO RPG called Mabinogi. He was the second character a friend of mine used to play as sometimes. He's sort of the opposite personality of Ricky; he likes to be incharge of things and take matters into his own hands if possible. When everyone had access to the new town that was introduced in G9 known as Taillteann, he became an alchemist. The alchemists of this world use contraptions called "cylinders", a weapon that slightly resembles a canon or strap-on shooter, which requires elemental crystals to be inserted in order to use any sort of alchemy skills.


  • He has the same hair as Ricky in-game, though in his current drawn style it goes a bit back, like Luxen's, but probably a bit longer.
  • His hair is dark purple, so are his eyebrows and beard that goes from his sideburns to his chin.
  • He's usually wearing an alchemist coat in case he's called into combat or needs to do some research.


  • Demanding, loves to be in charge of the party.
  • Once you mention alchemy, you've lost him, he'll keep spouting about his interests and experiments.


  • Somestimes I get him and Ricky messed up, which makes me end up drawing them with the same hair.