Hase is the youngest of the Starsigners as he claims to be 17, yet who knows how old he really is since time flows differently for them. He's the one who sent Kozuro a note to come visit him at the hill to ask for his help in returning the three sacred artifacts back to normal. His power comes from the Starsigners set of special signs called Eleradius which grants him electric-based cosmic powers, but sub-par searching capabilities, as he seems to only be good at finding metallic objects (such as Kozuro's bracelet to pinpoint his location). He grants Takazo the power of the star sign, Cancer, when Kozuro is hurt from the fight against the first artifact.


  • Long orange hair that reaches his shoulders and sometimes hides his forehead.
  • His skin is a slightly pale white.
  • He wears t-shirts on earth, but it's unknown if he wore anything different at the Starsigners HQ.


  • He though Kozuro wouldn't show up and mind controlled a dog to tick him off by stealing his chocolate bar so he'd follow it to the hill.
  • When he met him, he had taken the appearance of a ghost to scare other people away.
  • His special star sign's name originally came from the words elephant and radius.