Kozuro Hirazo is an 18yo guy that goes to Azules High in the small town of Azules. When he was a kid he got adopted by the faculty of the school and was given his own home, getting visits from all of them as they took turns caring for him and leaving him food or presents. As he grew older, he became lazy during classes, but independent while at home. He's got a crush on his homeroom and gym teacher, Takazo Shiruyo, who scolds him for falling asleep in all his classes (except gym). On the coming days that the cosmic powers go out of balance, his muscles start growing and his physical appearance changes slowly into a more manlier self due to one of his selfish desires. When he meets Hase he's granted a magical bracelet that can tap into said cosmic powers to turn them to his favor and to help fight off any creatures that have awoken due to said unbalance. After obtaining the bracelet and getting an explanation out of Hase, he shares the house with him until they're able to turn the three sacred artifacts back to normal.


  • Long black hair with a small goatee.
  • His eyes are sky blue.
  • His school uniform is a white t-shirt (rarely wears the optional jacket) with blue jeans.


  • He's had a crush on Takazo ever since he was a kid and saw him in the schools old swim team.
  • He has a poster of Takazo in his teens, sporting a speedo, in his room.