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Lux Fukkirieta F4

Luxen is a giant from the town of Physis in the MMO RPG called Mabinogi. He's pretty much the character that I used to play as before I quit the game due to college (plus computer overheating problems). He's about 19 years old now, sharing the same age as Bovin. He's in the warrior class and wields a blue two-handed sword with a Vales shield, usually carrying a large axe on his back. He wears a blue Basil Gimlet armor along with a blue foxtail cap, though he may wear helmets depending on the situation. Just like most of the other giants, he has obtained the power to turn into a Beast Lord with the help of his old guild mates.


  • He has red hair which is only spiky on the back.
  • He has pale blue eyes.
  • He wears tight armor (usually a blue Basil Gimlet) and other outfits, like pirate suits, tuxedos, summer shorts, etc.
  • When fighting, he usually wields a blue two-handed sword with a Vales shield (giants can wield 2H swords with one hand in the game, but cannot dual-wield swords).
  • He carries around spare weapons, such as an axe or maces.
  • He's pretty buff and sports a big thick cock (length unknown).


  • He's happy around his friends, though he can be stubborn at times.
  • He's really clingy/possesive when it comes to love
  • When his lust is high due to someones presence, he may play the role of top. If it's due to someone playing around with him, he'll most likely go bottom.


  • His fuckbuddy is Bovin.
  • He used to be blond with short hair.