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Martin Quartz is the protagonist of Martin's Story. At the start of the story he's around 5 years old, starting in 1st Grade due to having the privilage to skip. He looks up to his homeroom teacher, Trent, like a father (or brother figure). His original parents are Michael and Maria Quartz, but they disappear after a fire accident at home, making Trent his new father after he takes him in. He starts college at the age of 18 and meets Ulisse on the first day, leading up to the next month when he gains his ranger powers.


  • He wears blue clothing, ranging from t-shirts to sweaters and jackets with matching jeans (rarely wearing shorts).
  • His hair's black with a three to five-spit at the front, bushy sideburns curving to his face and a small beard.
  • His eyebrows become wavy when he turns 18.
  • His eyes are brown.

Ranger Form: Navy CosmosEdit

  • In his ranger form, he sports a spandex suit with blue and white colors.
  • He wears a blue helmet with orange visors; there's a yellow spike at the front.
  • In this form, he has the ability to summon weapons made of ice (or do ice attacks).
  • He prefers to use blunt weapons, such as poles and baseball bats (though he may use an axe).


  • He was based on myself, though his current version hardly resembles me.
  • He originally did not have a last name.
  • His wish was "To be useful", making his karma be "Submissive".