Nova Grandus is the leader of the Starsigners; he's usually at their headquarters in space monitoring the cosmic levels on earth with his assistant, Siran. He's the one who sent Hase to earth to gather someone who would be able to help them restore the three sacred artifacts back to normal, though why it ended up being Kozuro is still unknown. After the fight with the first artifact, he sends Siran to monitor and tend to his wounds as magic is unable to heal humans properly without causing a huge ammount of negativity in the cosmic forces whie explaining to Takazo their current situation.


  • Dark brown hair with a ponytail, a beard that goes around his mouth, and spiky sideburns.
  • His eyes are light purple.
  • He wears a tight dark green tanktop with metal shoulder platings that have some sort of scarf.


  • In early planning of the comic's end, he would have been Kozuro's father (because at the time they could both use the same powers).
  • His original name was King "Nova" Grandus, though he still kept his leadership of the Starsigners.