Characters that don't belong to any specific world; includes a variety of normal humans, fantasy creatures, etc. Most of these are unnamed and as such, only a quality or role of theirs is what will be listed as their "names". If a world or story is made for a character that's listed here, they'll be moved to their proper place.

List of Characters
Name Description
Kuza Boxer Ninja
Rico Marzano Ean's boyfriend
Ean Rico's boyfriend
Smoker O.M.'s past best friend.
Smoke Devil Smoker's conciousness manifested.
Office Man (O.M.) Smoker's past best friend.
Michaelangelo (Angelo) O.M.'s conciousness manifested.
Ben Owner of a restaurant.
Waiter Works at Ben's restaurant.
Axe Guy Lumberjack
Pirate Captain Leader of a pirate crew (no kidding).
Sailor Captured by the P.Captain; works as first mate.
Axe Mage RPG Axe Mage
Alchemist RPG Alchemist
Blue Demon RPG Monster
Singer RPG-based class
Painter Working man
Melody Kid Musical note styled hair.
Scarf Guy A guy with a scarf and hair that looked like wings.
DJ Working man
Brandon A swimmer wearing goggles.
Pierced-ear Elf A short-haired elf with a pierced ear.
Bulb-haired Elf An elf with pierced ears and a bulb-shaped hairdo.
Demivon A mysterious demon that inflicts pain-inducing amnesia.
Beach Chub A bearded fat guy who frequently goes to the beach.
Cyclops A shy cyclops who hides his eye with shades.
Orc An orc with mutton chops and long hair.