This article contains details about an OC that belongs to a friend. I only styled him based on his in-game appearance and as such, any details in this entry are not of my own.

Ricky is a giant from the town of Physis in the MMO RPG called Mabinogi. He used to be the character one of my friends played as when we were online doing quests together. He's sort of the opposite personality of Bossanova; being silly at times and eager to get stuff done. Just like his buddy Luxen, he too can transform into a beast, but his transformation ranking is unknown. He solely fights with a giant axe or a set of maces, but in the time that he was away he might have picked up how to use a sword.


  • His game appearance has slightly messy hair, though in his current drawn style his hair is a bit shorter and usually goes in one direction.
  • His hair color is light brown, sort of like ginger, with a matching set of big eyebrows.
  • He's usually seen wearing winter clothing with brown boots, such as the coats available at the Physis general store.
  • Other than the winter clothing, he has a red with black colored basil armor that he wore once with incubus horns.


  • He's pretty eager to get things done fast and smoothly.
  • He's really kinky.
  • A big softy at heart, though it's hard to tell when he's taking something seriously.


  • His old name used to be Rynhardt, sharing the name name that my friend uses on some sites or other online games, which made him decide to change his name.
  • He loves to joust in a nightly jousting tournament that happens at night (in the game) to decide who will get to enter the weekend semi-finals.