A soon-to-be-world-reknown scientist had been interested in making medicine capable of granting better healing capabilities to people so they would live longer and in the process ended up creating "eternal life". In 2018, preparations for the medicine were completed and public laboratories started testing it out on their patients without their consent to see if there were any side-effects; what they did was a mistake that led people know they were being tested on as soon as one of these patients experienced something that would have surely been a really painful death and came out with barely any wounds. A man named Cetern and his friends have also been injected with this drug, which makes them become ignorant of the dangers in life (except for him and his girlfriend). A year later, elderly people and children are being kidnapped by a mysterious organization which his two friends are now part of and kidnap his girlfriend in the process. He sets off on a journey to bring back his girlfriend and any survivors of the experiments from harm, while discovering the true identity of the organization behind all this mess.


  • Cetern
  • Girlfriend
  • Scientist


  • The world of Sadist Eternity was created as a concept for spanish class in high school.
  • The original name was Sadist Eternity: A Journey For Life