Siran is the assistant of Nova at the Starsigners HQ, monitoring the levels of cosmic of energy on earth. He tends to Kozuro's wounds after he's wounded from the fight with the first artifact and he grants Apos the power of the star sign, Pisces, to help both Kozuro and Takazo to defeat the last corrupt artifact. He has always been by Nova's side monitoring other planets and worlds for who knows how long.


  • He has long silver hair that reaches the back of his neck and square-ish eyebrows.
  • He has blue eyes and green markings on his face.
  • Besides a labcoat, his clothing is unknown.


  • His original appearance was of a stereotyped scientist.
  • He was to have two other assistants alongside him, a purple haired woman who would help him around the lab and a sky-blue haired guy who would always pick on him (it's unknown if they'll still exist, but as minor characters).
  • He was originally intended to go to Azules High on the weekend that Kozuro and Hase fight the first artifact.