In this world magic has become real, due to people making lots of selfish wishes and the growing ammount of negative cosmic power has corrupted "three sacred artifacts", awakening mystical creatures from their slumber. A perverted 18yo guy who's been sleeping in his classes recieves a note one day after taking a shower; believing it to be a prank of his teacher, he decides to explore the place that is listed on it. On that fateful night he meets a strange boy, who for a second he thought was a ghost and introduces himself as a "Starsigner". He explains to him that the cosmic powers are out of balance and are affecting people indirectly as well, turning to him for aid as he seems somewhat special. What follows is a tale full of random comedy, love, and sadness.


  • The original concept of the story was very cliche: every kids dream of videogames becoming real and by some means turning into characters from said games.
  • In the cliche concept the protagonist was myself.