Takazo Shiruyo is a 27yo man and is Kozuro's homeroom and gym teacher at Azules High. He scolds him whenever he falls asleep in one of his classes, but he means well. He used to be in the swimming team with his old friend and rival, Apos, back in his high school days. When he bacame a teacher in the same school he used to study at, he was let in on the faculty program that takes care of Kozuro, though he does this in secret since he believes he hates him and would turn him away from his house at first sight. On the weekend that Kozuro and Hase's artifact search leads them to the school, he tries to protect him from one of the creatures and with Hase's help he obtains the power of his star sign (Cancer) to defeat the creature; returning the first artifact back to normal. While Kozuro recovers from the attack he meets the leader of the Starsigners, Nova, who offers to explain him everything he needs to know about their current situation.


  • Dark brown hair going to the right with a black beard.
  • His eyes are green.
  • He wears tight gym clothes (usually red), ranging from tanktops to spandex, track shorts, etc.


  • He has a spare key to Kozuro's house.
  • Even though he thinks Kozuro hates him, he has his number on his cellphone.